'Tree Huggers from the Future' by George McLeod

A selection of 4 prints on display in the MMX Gallery front window

McLeod’s recent project Tree Huggers From The Future centres around a fictional encounter with time travelling ecotourists. The mysterious figures have returned to the past to study trees, which have ceased to exist in their future reality. McLeod documents their interaction with the surrounding woodland, which is by turns joyful, humorous, and sombre (after all, none of them have ever seen a tree before). Whilst photographing these anonymous time travellers, McLeod asks them about the future. In order to “preserve causality”, they are unable to be forthcoming with their answers, and can only tell him that they are willing to risk it all to save the trees, which for so many generations have been taken for granted. 


All prints are limited editions and available for purchase. 



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To read more about George McLeod, please view his artist page

September 24, 2022