I want to bring a sense of unfamiliarity into the images; to present commonplace nature in a peculiar way. This is, in part, a reaction against our over sanitised and conditioned lives. The night forest is devoid of people. It is an undomesticated wilderness right on our doorstep.

- Jasper Goodall

Born in Birmingham in 1973, Jasper Goodall studied at the University of Brighton, graduating in 1995 from the BA Illustration course.

He went on to become a highly influential illustrator and has worked with high profile clients from fashion brands to rock bands.


Widely published and much referenced, he was best known for his editorials in The Face MagazineDazed & Confused and his creation of ethereal imagery for the English rock band Muse.

He has had joint and solo shows in Tokyo, Hamburg and London.

In 2014 he left the world of commercial image making and spent several years training as a counsellor at the Psychosynthesis Trust in London. This hiatus provided the opportunity to take stock and re-imagine his creative output in a new and very different form, and he began using a camera to make images. He has returned to a creative practice with a radically different body of work, using photography as a means of expression.


Drawing on historical references, from Victorian taxidermy dioramas to romantic painting he seeks to articulate the hushed, waiting presence that is palpably felt between the dark boughs of a forest at night.