Fabulous feature of Katie Eleanor's photography in AnOther Magazine

MMX Gallery Artists - Recent Press: Photographer Katie Eleanor presents a series of portraits of the performance collective Mama Jinx, who reflect on Covid-19’s impact on the performing arts

Originally a collaboration between Ellie Walker, the group’s founder and creative director, and the photographer Katie Eleanor, this series of portraits was intended to be celebratory. But as pandemic continued to take its toll, and as the series’ title suggests, Ghosts of the Stage has become something of a theatrical in memoriam. “A funeral of our past lives,” as Walker puts it. Eleanor’s last project, The Sialia Marbles, explored the idea of the tableaux vivant by bringing human bodies as marble sculptures, performative and ephemeral, into a monumental space. “It was a study of sculptures in their own fictional isolation as well as interacting in our shared reality,” she says. For this project, she felt that the photograph could offer a similar performative frame. “I wanted the images to become an ode to these artists and the spaces they can no longer inhabit.” - Text by Ellie Howard

February 19, 2021