As MMX Gallery has developed and become more well known, we are increasingly receiving more requests from artists for help and advice with their work.

Therefore, we would like to offer portfolio review and advice sessions for £60.00 for up to one hour with both gallery directors present.

We don’t follow trends but are aware of the current photography scene and its contemporary discourse, if you have visited the gallery or our website, you will get an idea of where our vision and aesthetic lays.

Our love of Photography doesn’t just manifest itself with what we exhibit, so our broadminded attitude may help you in various ways.

We think that exchanging ideas, giving feedback on a project as well as industry advice, can be very beneficial to anyone studying or working in Photography today.

It’s always interesting to see new work but we are not treating the review sessions as an open call for submissions to the gallery, if we find someone we would like to work with, then happy days, but our main goal is to try and help with furthering the photographic community’s ambitions and artistic endeavours.

We do prefer physical prints when doing reviews but if that isn’t possible, or you are seeking some advice and feedback on projects, then digital is fine.


Portfolio Review & Advice sessions can be booked between Monday – Friday.

To book your place, please email to: or call the gallery.



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